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What Are Some Vital Do’s & Don’t of Restaurant Menu Design

A great menu design is an essential marketing product, which influences customer decision making. There are several factors which define a good, optimized menu design. Read below to know what do’s and don’ts you should follow when designing your restaurant menu:

Restaurant menu design do’s:

  • Simple font – easy to read and understand
    Creative instincts can urge you to play with fonts; but for a restaurant menu it is better to use simple fonts (Times or Sans Serif), which makes it easy to read.
  • Figure out and highlight top-sellers 
    Figure out what items are top sellers and bring high profits. Call out these popular items using highlight boxes, borders, logos or asterisks.
  • Keep changing your menu often
    Seasonally, changing and updating your menu will keep up the newness and the excitement level. Try out a new theme, and include some new items, and then see how it is observed and reviewed by the customers.
  • Remember the brand
    The menu design and feel should be cohesive with the brand, in sync with the restaurant premise and business operation.

Restaurant menu design don’ts:

  • Do not oversize or undersize the menu
    Make sure that the menu print is not too small, which is hard to read; and it is also not too large, which is unmanageable to hold.
  • Do not overprice the items
    Make sure that your items are not excessively priced. Best is to keep the food prices low, while increasing the drink prices a bit, as people give attention to food items primarily.
  • Do not expand the items
    Do not include too many food items to please everyone, as it will make the food selection process confusing and frustrating for customers.
  • Do not design it all by yourself
    It’s better to consult other people in your staff and professional design experts, so that you have a qualitative and optimized restaurant menu.

A menu is the first element of customer-restaurant interaction, which goes a great length in enhancing the overall dining experience, so it should be designed accordingly to attract customer’s attention.

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