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How to grow catering sales starting tomorrow

If you think about it, the restaurant industry has done an amazing job in terms of its success and scale at filling the demand for its retail services. It's taken generations, but we have certainly become world-class retailers. Like all markets, they eventually segment, and along the way we must innovate and grow by exploring and mastering new service markets; for example the "catering" sales channel. It's beautiful in so many ways, but mostly because you can get a retail dollar out of "manufacturing plant" rents.


How restaurants can leverage the new Facebook Timeline

With Facebook’s recent changes to its brand pages, marketers now have more ways to leverage the thousands of “likes” they have spent the past few years acquiring, according to a new analysis from social-media software and consulting firm Expion.


Five secrets to social media success

How to build an online community of followers that will spend money at your restaurant.

Creativity, and not a big budget, is proving to be what matters most when it comes to marketing your restaurant. Social media has replaced traditional paid advertising as the preferred route to driving traffic for many full-service restaurants, especially smaller chains and independents.


Survey: Americans spend $936 per year on lunch at restaurants

American consumers, on average, eat lunch out at restaurants nearly twice a week, spending about $10 per occasion, for an average of about $936 per year, according to a new study from credit card company Visa.


44% of marketers not leveraging mobile for local marketing: study

Despite mobile’s promise to deliver hyper-relevant marketing, brands are either disregarding the medium or stretching their mobile efforts too thin, according to a new report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

In the “Brand Automation for Local Activation: Connecting Customer Engagement Into Measurable Local Strategies" report the CMO Council examines how marketers are splitting traditional and digital mediums as part of their localization strategies. The report points to mobile gleaming more attention than actual execution for marketers.


30 Ways to Tell if You’re a Social Media Success

Social media is used by businesses to increase brand loyalty, share new products, and even gain new customers. Every company uses social media differently, some more successfully than others. Below are ways to tell if your company is a social media success.

30 Ways to Tell if You’re a Social Media Success


13 Mistakes You're Making on Your Restaurant's Website

Your online media presence has become essential for engaging current and potential customers. If you are not taking advantage of the vast variety of platforms for branding on the Internet, let’s face it—you're way behind the times and are missing out on great revenue-generating opportunities.


8 Reasons Every Restaurant Needs an Ordering App

In many homes, the days of menus in a drawer and phoning in delivery orders are quickly coming to a close, especially for the next generation of customers. Online and mobile ordering is exploding in popularity, and local restaurants are discovering that apps that allow customers to place orders offer a new revenue stream at a time when, for many, revenue is sorely needed.


5 ways to market your restaurant catering holiday program

As we close out 2013, let's focus on how our restaurant community can ramp up catering sales during the holiday season. This is the time of year when your holiday catering-specific marketing materials become crucial to your fourth quarter catering sales performance. There is a direct correlation, but you have to make some noise.


5 ways mobile apps can increase revenue

People are choosing smartphones over using their desktop to research menus, get directions and find nearby restaurants. In 2012. more than 1 billion smartphones were in use and more people are choosing mobile applications over browsing the Internet. Users of smartphones are creating a new, profitable mobile channel in addition to traditional desktop web-channel.


5 questions to ask before choosing a mobile partner

Forgive me for sounding like a father advising a child on marriage, but this bit of advice is a good one for choosing a mobile partner: Ask questions first. Lots of them.

1. Why choose a mobile partner at all?

That answer forces you to determine the business objective of adding mobile marketing in the first place. (To acquire new customers? To retain existing customers? To appear hip and happenin' in the market place? To grow revenue?)


Restaurant Local Store Marketing

What is Local Store Marketing?

Local Store Marketing is a specific plan targeted to a specific group or groups of potential customers within a trading area to create awareness and initiate trial purchases of your product or service with potential customers right in your own backyard - the three to five-mile radius around each store location.


Why you should add Instagram to your restaurant’s social media arsenal

By Sara Petersen on June 1st, 2012

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion should have been a wake-up call to get behind the popular social media platform. While you might think your life is being consumed by various social media clamoring for your attention, Instagram is the second-largest social network, and luckily it is incredibly simple and easy to use. Your photos can quickly be added and updated from your mobile device, so it’s the perfect tool to help you promote your restaurant, even when you can’t find time to sit in front of the computer.


Let Them Tweet Cake

Allison Robicelli makes some of the best cupcakes in New York. Can she and her husband also redefine the mom-and-pop for the Twitter age? “My storefront is your phone,” she says.

Allison Robicelli is, together with her husband, the founder of Robicelli’s, a much-lauded Brooklyn-based cupcake business. (Fanciful flavors have included “The Bellini,” “Creamsicle,” and “Lemon Blueberry Ricotta.”) Robicelli also recently signed a book deal with Penguin imprint Viking Studio for a baking book that will include a comic book portion, among other things.


Eat or be eaten: Three steps to restaurant nirvana

Building a restaurant concept requires time, patience, energy and a clear vision. While a majority of entrepreneurs are great at coming up with the next hot concept, their professional experience is not as honed when it comes to developing the architectural, design and other elements needed to correctly convey their brand position.


Facebook Marketing for Restaurant

May 29, 2012

Small businesses that use Facebook to get the word out and promote their companies should check out a new report from Buddy Media, a social ad-management software provider. The report is drawn from the company's analysis of 200 clients' Facebook posts over a two-week period, in addition to the comments and "likes" spurred by those posts.


Social media gains as marketing tool

Posted by Elissa Elan on May 18, 2012 5:27 PM

In an attempt to increase customer base and dollar share, restaurateurs' use of social media as a marketing tool is starting to gain alongside other more traditional methods, such as television and newspaper advertising, research from the National Restaurant Association has found.


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