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10 Low Cost and Effective Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

For any restaurant, effective and low-cost marketing strategies are an important aspect to get maximum return from their advertising campaign. Below we have outlined 10 low-cost marketing strategies that must be included by each restaurant chain to create a positive

branding output:

  1. Effective menu design

Create an impressive point of interaction with the consumer through an ideal, striking and effectual menu design. The menu should be clear, with enticing details and give a clear insight of the eatery to the customer and help them make their decision quickly.

  1. Direct mail marketing

Use impressively printed postcards, magnets, menus as well as coupons and special offers as part of your direct mail advertising.

  1. Get web presence

Create your restaurant’s website so that people can easily find your business online, in this digitally-paced life. Update it regularly with all the food menu details and special offers, including pictures, along with a food blog.

  1. Social media marketing

Users today are engaged on different social media channels 24/7. Promote your business through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more such social media networks to mark your presence amongst consumers.

  1. Email Marketing

Alongside social media, use e-mail marketing to inform customers about your new items, special offers, coupons and more, creating a more personalized effect.

  1. Loyalty programs

Reward your frequent customers by offering them special discounts and so. This creates a positive effect on consumers and more consumers will sign up to the restaurant’s database.

  1. Run contests

Run contests on social media channels, giving consumers chance to win a prize. More people will participate in the contest, and will increase your customer base.

  1. Up-sell

Up-selling is an important aspect that must be incorporated into the staff’s skills. Engage interactively with the customers, being polite and friendly and not being pushy.


  1. Track Online reviews

Maintain business reputation by monitoring restaurant reviews on sites like Yelp. Encourage happy customers to write positive reviews, and respond to & clarify any negative feedback.


  1. Create happy environment with delicious serving

This is the most effective word-of-mouth advertising. Provide tasty food with excellent service and you will create a happy following.

Incorporating these methods is essential to create an effective and growth-centric brand identity.

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