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How to Practically Reach Every Customer with Effective Restaurant Website Design

A restaurant website is an effective and very essential tool to reach and connect with the customers. These are some effective and vital tips to create a stunning, and effective restaurant website design:

  • Design it according to your target audience

At first, determine your target audience, and build the theme of the website based on that. If you are targeting office workers and working class, then it should be professional and elegant. If you are targeting young crowd, then it should be bright and stylish. If you are targeting whole, then you need to create a mix of elegance & style, and base your design on the food category you are providing.

  • Simplicity

Do not over-do your design in trying to create an appealing layout. An easy to understand and navigate site is what binds people to it. They are coming for information and to fill their need, so create a properly laid out site, including all the important pages, like Home page, Menu page, About Us page and a Contact page, along with a Review page.

  • Color effects

Color scheme is essential to make your website a success, and influence a user’s behaviour. Always consider to include the four basic colors for a restaurant website design:

  • White for freedom and freshness.

  • Red for passion, used by most restaurants.

  • Black for power of creating, and for effective food photography background.

  • Brown for stability and reliability.


  • Complete Contact info with a form

Always include full contact information of your restaurant, from address to contact details and e-mail, along with a location map. Include a contact form or feedback form to connect with the customer in a better way.

  • High quality food images

Make your food menus attractive, including high-quality, rich food photos, clicked by a professional photographer. Also, make sure to include large background photos, relative to your food items and industry. Having a PDF file for menu to help user to download it will also create high impression.

Keep updating your site with changes in your menu, and always include a highlighted section for special deals, offers and discounts.

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