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Difference between Branding Your Menu and Using a Menu Template

Branding restaurant menu

A menu is the no. 1 piece of information, which a customer looks for information about the food offerings of the restaurant. Thus, quality value-marketing of the restaurant has to revolve around the proper branding of the menu.

The menu branding involves:

  • Designing the menu, in accordance to the restaurant theme and food offering, in high quality paper.
  • Using different types of menu - size and item wise, to attract specific section of customers, from visiting to takeaway.
  • Creating a distinct identity of the restaurant.

The menu design offers a view of the brand personality to the customer, which has the capability of influencing a customer’s decision. Consistency in proficient menu design and branding helps the restaurant carve a positive image in the customer’s mind, and improve profitability.

Menu branding is essential to build the restaurant’s identity around target customers and to create a big, positive effect, for dining as well as take-away customers.

Using menu template

A menu template is about using a specific theme layout for restaurant menu display, which meets the principle of the restaurant service. A menu template:

  • Saves time for engineering a menu – better for doing restaurant menu design in quick time.Gives option to use standardized layout, which has specific and structural space for placing all food items, ‘high-selling’ food items, restaurant logo, brand name, discount or offers.
  • Provides option to use different layouts for different purposes.
  • Helps to create a dynamic and professional menu design, which customers love.

While branding is about designing, displaying and distributing a perfect, tailored menu which showcases influences customer’s decision for bringing in high profits, a menu template is all about having a standardized menu layout which helps to place and display items strategically in accordance to the business objective.

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