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8 Reasons Every Restaurant Needs an Ordering App

In many homes, the days of menus in a drawer and phoning in delivery orders are quickly coming to a close, especially for the next generation of customers. Online and mobile ordering is exploding in popularity, and local restaurants are discovering that apps that allow customers to place orders offer a new revenue stream at a time when, for many, revenue is sorely needed.

Below are 8 reasons why local restaurants should have ordering apps created as soon as possible.

1. Customers spend more when using online & mobile apps

Simply put, customers order more food when they order food using an app. If you want to make each order count, an app is the way to go!

2. Customers are already using restaurant ordering apps

About 40% of customers have already placed an order for food online. That is, the technology is not so new that many people are unfamiliar with it. Instead, comfort with online food ordering is growing quickly.

3. It keeps your business fresh

In general, the food service industry is well aware of the possibilities presented by restaurant ordering apps. Indeed, 70% of restaurateurs think it is an “up-and-coming” innovation, which raises a more problematic point:

4. Your competitors may already be ahead of you

20% of quick-service restaurants already allow customers to submit orders from their mobile phones. Are your competitors snagging orders from customers that would prefer to order from you? In many markets, those with ordering apps are gaining ground, and those without it are losing it.

5. You can share information and generate business

Perhaps surprisingly, some people want spam (but only from certain senders)! Nearly 40% of customers report that they’d like to get an email each day from a favorite restaurant detailing the specials for the day. An ordering app can include this functionality, and enable you to stay in touch (and top-of-mind) with customers.

6. Mobile orders boost return business

Orders from mobile users are more frequent than orders submitted other ways. Not only do mobile apps get you bigger orders, but they get you more of them! That is, mobile ordering apps let you maximize the value of each customer in the long term.

7. Mobile orders can become a significant percentage of your business

Some of the larger chains get 25% or more of their orders from mobile devices. Mobile ordering isn’t a trickle of orders; it’s a meaningful amount of business. In fact, some restaurants see enough new business to dedicate a line in the kitchen solely to online & mobile orders. If you could use that kind of a boost, an ordering app just might deliver it.

8. You’ll make more money

Considering all of the above, this conclusion is a safe bet: a restaurant ordering app will directly help your restaurant generate more income. For a small expense up-front, you get a new revenue stream that helps you find new customers and keep old ones happy.

When it comes to the menu, sometimes the classics are the best. But when it comes to business, however, it can be costly to turn your back on an innovation that has reached the tipping point.

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