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5 Vital Tips to Create an Impressive Pizza Restaurant Menu Design

When a customer enters a pizza shop, he/she gets enamored by the aroma of the food. But this is just the first impression. The important factor comes when they ask what you offer. This is where your menu becomes your primary sale’s engine.

The menu should be designed and printed in a stylish and sophisticated manner and it should convey easily to the customer what you are offering, to the point.
Following are 5 essential tips that you must incorporate in your pizza restaurant menu design:

  • Theme
    The menu should have an outlined theme, which depicts your shop’s character. If the shop is old-fashioned, have a black & white checkered menu. If the shop focuses on elegance, have a darker and chick theme for the menu.
  • Food sections
    The menu should be categorically divided into food groups, which is easy for the customers to follow along.
  • Separate dine-in and paper menu
    If your shop also offers take-away along with dine-in, then you need to design two menus outfitting both objectives. Have a laminated menu for dine-in and paper menus for take-away. These take-out menus should be put in an attractive rack on the counter, as well as included with every check or take-out bag and the pizza boxes delivered to the customers.
  • Glossy design
    The menus should be printed on glossy papers, and must include high-quality images of the food items.
  • Precise and clear
    In order to make it easy to read, do not overload the menu with stuffed item listing. Each item should be described clearly with a small and concise description which gives a good preview of the food item to the customers.

The menu should also include all the contact and ordering information (inclusive of payment options). It is the most important item when it comes to effective marketing for a restaurant, and must be designed creatively keeping all the factors in mind.

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