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5 Tips on Creating a Restaurant Menu Design

A menu is not just a list of available food items, but a tool to communicate with the customer and defines the restaurant’s identity and helps in driving profit. There are several psychological strategies related with menu design, which works well in creating a unique brand identity of the restaurant and helps to delight customers, increasing the profit margins.

We look at some critical tips a restaurant menu design must be incorporated with:

  • Design – logical divisions
    A logical listing which is well-organized with boxes and rules for grouping items in categories helps the customer identify and find dishes conveniently and easily.
  • Use clear visual techniques
    A customer never go through the whole menu reading everything, so there should be clear and bold section headings, dish titles and other visual patterns, which helps to create the first impression. The less time taken by the customer to read and understand the menu creates a big impact, leading to high customer satisfaction rate.
  • Use clear, realistic images
    Include images to create a more realistic perception pertaining to your food items:
    • The dish image needs to be exactly what will be offered on table.
    • Use only high-quality images
    • The images should be captured in way that the dish looks tasty.
  • Highlight the best-selling or special items
    Include and highlight your restaurant’s best-selling food items specifically in the menu. Take every step to leverage the popularity of your best-selling dish to capture customer’s attention. Use boxes, bold colors or other visual techniques to highlight your best-selling food.
  • Price placement
    Make your customer focus only on the dishes and not the concerned price by avoiding currency symbols. Decrease the chance of price comparison by not placing the food item price in side column; instead place the price in the same line as food & description.

A menu is key advertising tool, and must be given full attention. It should be designed and presented in a manner that represents your restaurant’s identity and helps to communicate with the customer in an effective manner.

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