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10 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Use Direct Mail

In this digital age, the traditional form of direct mail advertising is still very effective in generating consistent revenue and is considered highly credible in building trust with the prospective customers. For restaurants, combination of innovative direct mail advertising with online marketing tools is a very effectual mode of tangible marketing system.

Below explained are 10 reasons, why restaurants must incorporate creative direct mail campaigns for their marketing purpose:

  • Direct mail, in the form of menus, magnets or postcards serves as a solid reminder about the restaurant.
  • Consumers trust the printed advertisement more than any other medium, which emphasizes the importance of direct mail.
  • A creative and catchy direct mail, coupled with a small promotional item increases the chance of response from the customer.
  • Statistical figures show more people visit the restaurant’s website after going through the direct mail, rather than an e-mail.
  • Direct mails inclusive of special offers and coupons are appreciated by customers, who look forward to redeem them in the future. This increases the chance of a customer-relationship development.
  • Post cards and menus relating to new food item launch or offers draws customers’ attention, who are likely to order these items during a function or gathering in their home.
  • Restaurants benefit greatly with direct mail advertising when looking to expand their take-away service.
  • A personalized direct mail, with impressive and appealing text, images and graphics has high potential to attract customer’s attention.
  • People keep direct mail for future reference, unlike e-mail, and thus this traditional medium can result in increased brand awareness.
  • Direct mail is a kind of private advertising and no competitor can use or access your ideas. Thus it gives your campaign a unique and distinguished identity.

Direct mail is a managed marketing campaign, which has the potential to gain high response for brand promotion with low cost input.

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