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Sir Pizza

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Sir Pizza

The Situation

Sir Pizza is a 12-restaurant pizza chain that operates throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties with an emphasis on a fun and family-friendly atmosphere appealing to all ages.  With the dual goals of increasing its midday traffic for all its locations and announcing a new restaurant’s opening to local businesses, Sir Pizza sought out One to 1 Marketing to develop a direct marketing campaign that would increase lunchtime sales and build its brand recognition in the crowded Miami Beach-area market. 

The Marketing Strategy

After several meetings with the manager of the new restaurant in order to better understand its goals, One to 1 recommended a marketing program that would leverage Sir Pizza’s existing marketing collateral, complementing them with a new marketing piece that would focus on promotions that were designed to appeal to a business-focused lunchtime audience.  In addition, One to 1 proposed a marketing campaign that would ensure awareness of the Sir Pizza menu among local area businesses.  Sir Pizza had previously tested a program in which both lunch menus and samples were distributed to local businesses by its staff, but had achieved little impact on the lunch business in terms of increased restaurant traffic.

As part of the new One to 1 campaign, business card-sized promotions were created to highlight lunch specials, as well as other menu items.  One to 1 then recruited and trained a field marketing staff, each of whom was tasked to visit an assigned list of local businesses within the upcoming month and personally introduce the Sir Pizza menu and the available delivery options.  Sir Pizza wanted to ensure that office workers in those businesses knew of the new location and the lunch specials that were offered.

The Results

The One to 1 campaign significantly aided the launch of the new Sir Pizza restaurant.  According to the manager, within 48 hours of the promotion it had generated over 20 calls from companies, all of which represented new orders for the restaurant.  The expectation is that this will lead to a considerable number of reorders over time.  In addition, the promotion successfully created broad awareness of the new restaurant’s opening and the items available on the menu. 

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